pumpkin spice latte

It’s almost completely dark as I’m writing, because-and we all know the answer to this- FALL is here!

Honestly, it feels to me like summer just started, and yet so much has happened, in each of our lives, that time just seemed to pass extra quickly the past three or four months. That’s what I feel God telling me to write about today.

Moving into college has been a super fun adventure, and I’ve made new habits and restarted old habits, such as when I journal (usually in the mornings or at night) and working out (definitely a new habit). But as much as I agree that it’s good to have a schedule and plan free time, sometimes it needs to be just that-free time.

I’m a sucker for planners, and I’ve told so many people this. I love schedules, being able to make a checklist-sometimes I even add things I’ve already done to my checklist just so I can check them off immediately!- and looking back on how productive I was (or how many episodes of Downton Abbey I crammed into one day-so far that record is at 7 episodes, aka all of season 1).

It’s the breaks from the regular that get me though. They draw me closer to God, and in truth, that’s what puts me in a good mood, what makes me appreciate living in a free country all over again.

I had one class today, and for the rest of the day, I did homework for this and for the upcoming week, which included reading the Gospel of Mark for my Religion 150 class. And boy, was that exactly what I needed! An assignment to read God’s Word. And while we may discuss the content in class, and while I probably won’t agree with my professor on every argument (that is the point of college), I’ll still have that time with Jesus, fellowshipping and reading His Word for hours on end.

I finished reading and felt like taking a break.

Park time!

I grabbed Starbucks (no not the PSL, still not accepting fall), and leisurely headed to Tattnall Square Park, where I sat by the fountain and added to my list of 1,000 things I’m thankful for. Valerie Woerner, owner of Val Marie Paper, one of my favorite bloggers and Christian role models, created a simple journal with 1,000 lines for writing down 1,000 gratitudes in a year-3 a day. (http://www.valmariepaper.com/)

Honestly, I am nowhere near caught up on my gratitudes, but it’s amazing to see how often I repeat something that I’m thankful for, and how it is SO EASY to be thankful; it’s merely a perspective shift, not a habit change. If you can see the world as perfectly orchestrated by God then a flat tire can become a chance to rest and reflect for the day, and all it takes is seeing the glass as half full which we humans have to WORK to not do!

As we get older, I feel like with all  the responsibilities we begin to see life negatively, and only worry about each next day.

Before I end up doing that, I’d rather have moments like today where I paused and looked up at the sky, noting that, yes, there were clouds in the sky today, or to watch the cute little African-American boy run screeching to his parents across the fountain patio.

How do children have so much joy and faith?

They know their parents will take care of them, and it’s not even a thought that crosses their mind.

I want to be like that, trusting God in EVERY circumstance, doing my part to ensure success, but knowing that for every task that I complete, for every 6 handbreadths that I accomplish, I need God’s hand on my life to make my work prosper and shine for His glory.

So especially now that school has restarted, fall is upon us, and a select few are already prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I encourage you to breathe.

Just. Breathe.

Try it and see if it makes you feel any better.

I know it will.

Beathe. Then tell yourself that you are loved, you are wanted, you are a child of God.

We all need to hear his.

Every day.

Open up the Bible without a goal in mind, read what comes up and let me know if it doesn’t apply to what you’re facing that day.

God still works.

He may not part the Red Sea anymore, but he really doesn’t need to.

That was to rescue the Israelite and bring them into the Promised Land. Now, the Promised Land is anywhere His believers are gathered together, and Jesus rescued us eternally when He gave His life for us.

Everything in your life happens for a reason, and that’s IN THE BIBLE.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Now if that isn’t a reason to make you smile, then I don’t know what is. Not only does God have plans for each of us in this mayhem, but He adds that they are GOOD plans.

Take 2 minutes every morning and write down three things you’re thankful for. Or do it at night. Consider God’s faithfulness and that He gives it to us as a gift.

Curl up in your bed, and instead of catching up on Facebook or Instagram, reach for your Bible. It’ll leave you better rested (screen time before bed and all that sciency stuff) and it’s sure to calm your heart.

God is in the little things. All we have to do is look. ♥


PS: Listen to “Ever Be” by Aaron Shust. It’s playing in my background right now and it’s incredibly powerful.


Rebecca Braun/ Boone 1-308b

I wrote this post while sitting in a Mexican ice cream store (highly recommended) waiting on my friend to join me for some piña colada goodness, and I just believe the truth of it in every season of life. I had no paper, so I filled both sides of a blank white envelope with orange font. The letter inside was a note from a former Mercer student encouraging me to make the most of my Mercer experience. Now the envelope has writing on the inside and on the outside. It’s just a little aesthetic, no big deal. Enjoy♥

Y’all, I can’t. It’s been an awesome two days, full of seeing old friends and making new memories. I spent time mini-golfing with old AP stat and lunch buddies, and there was nothing mathematical about mini-golf, praise Jesus.

I also walked the length of the Target DVD section reminiscing how my cousin and I did the same thing in Germany, comparing favorite music and movies. It’s incredible how you can miss something so insignificant so much.

I stayed up till 1 am at Buffalo Wild Wings having an honest and real conversation with a great friend.
I though I would never come back to Gainesville, but the truth is, it has my heart. Although I don’t live here anymore, I have so much here that is worth visiting and coming back for. If you have a town where you see old elementary school friends in the Target checkout, or where all of the teachers recognize you at a high school football game, don’t take that for granted. You have a real treasure. Yes, people change and freshmen come into your alma mater that look like fourth graders, but when you don’t need a navigation system and know where the cops stand at the end of every month to pull out speeding cars, don’t give it up.

Go out and live life, but always come back. Travel and explore, see the rest of the world, but appreciate that home town. It may never change, but you don’t really want it to.

My german home town hasn’t changed anything besides the price of an ice cream scoop.
And in life, we need to have constants. I guess that’s the point. It’s only real travel if you have a place to settle and come home to, where someone knows your name and “how much you’ve grown”.


thoughts for your friday

Happy Friday!

My English 226 teacher asked us a difficult question yesterday. We’re discussing the puritan worldview, and how the New World was seen subjectively by each new group of religious settlements, and he casually mentioned: Nowadays we have everything. We’re living longer and have more and are better taken care of, and yet we don’t believe in anything.

I was shocked. At first. Of course we all believe in something, right? I know I do. My belief and my convictions determine the way I live!  But what he was saying made sense. We’re so caught up in all of our stuff-iPhones, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, status… that it seems superficial to believe in something. We have everything, so why do we need to trust a God that is all about providing what we need?

I kept thinking, and realized that this thought applied primarily to Western civilizations. Not everyone has plenty. In fact, we take mission trips to countries filled with people that have little or nothing, yet are happier and more spiritually content than we are. Why is that?

Because they have less distractions. Yes, their lives are filled with difficult labor and long hours, and often they don’t have enough food to provide for their families, and they sure don’t have checking or savings accounts where they can put money aside to prepare for the future. But in their hard work and simplistic lifestyle, they find joy and trust God to take care of them.

I feel like we so easily push God away. We’ve all heard that it’s easiest to pray when we’re in trouble or need God for something. That’s true, but how often nowadays do we find ourselves turning to God immediately if something bad happens? Usually, we call 911 first, then enter a hectic frenzy of medical personnel, hospital bills, and schedule mayhem. There’s no time for God in that, is there?
The truth is: God is always there. Whether we see him or not, whether we feel His divine purpose or not.

I had to read a book for my New Testament class today that infuriated me. It said that we can’t take the Bible literally, that it isn’t the Word of God. The author states that the Bible is completely of human origin, because either we see the Bible as all God’s word, a mixture of both God and human origin (which he said would confuse things to much), or as completely human origin. He states: “Thus the lens that I am advocating does not see the Bible as a whole as divine in origin, or some parts as divine and some as human. It is all a human product, though generated in response to God. As such, it contains ancient Israel’s perceptions and misperceptions of what life with God involves, just as it contains the early Christian movement’s perceptions and misperceptions” (Borg 27).

It hurts me to read things like that, because the author isn’t encouraging that we look at the Bible as divinely inspired, or authored by God through people. There are so many legalistic conversations that come out of topics like this, but I don’t understand why we can’t just see God as our Creator, perfect in all of His ways, loving yet fair, and as the One who has a plan for our life, for each and every one of us.

He created us all with a purpose, and I don’t know if or why that purpose would be to question Him and all of His ways. We spend so much of our time trying to figure out if something is politically correct or not, while we could be dropping by homes of the elderly in our communities and sharing the love of Christ with them, or sending notes of encouragement to other students on our campus, without thought of how right or wrong our language is.
As Christians, we know that much of the world disagrees with our motives and our ideals. So what? God said that life would not get easier if we became Christians, but it would become more fulfilling. Having a purpose in life is necessary for our survival. I know that my purpose in life is to use words to share thought and encouragement with others.
I think it’s time that every Christian found his or hers, and did the best with what they had. Faith in God is necessary for everyday life, as well as for the entire world.

We need to share God’s love across the globe, but it needs to start within our hearts. If we don’t see God as Almighty Creator, then how can we describe Him as such to others?

Wow, okay, this post was heavy in a lot of ways and topics, but I’m just trying to convey what I’m learning and what God is teaching me to you in a way that makes hopefully at least a little sense.

God is complex, yes, but He is also so simple. He says that if we become like children, then the kingdom of God will prosper. That means having faith and believing Him to provide for us every day of our lives.

So put aside responsibilities for now. Make yourself a cup of coffee and dig into God’s Word a little more today. Take your Bible and open it to some random spot and just read a few chapters. Try memorizing a little bit of it and then carry that through your day. Not only will the words remain in your memory, but you’ll also have a picture in your mind of when you sat down and just read the Bible that one rainy afternoon. I still remember whenI memorized several Psalms this summer while I was traveling. I recited Psalms 91 while walking to the store at my grandparents house in Germany. Memories like that, tinged with scripture, always bring a smile to my face.

Life is better with God.

Thanks for reading♥


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berlin-teil eins

I knew that I always wanted to travel for an extended period of time before I had too many responsibilities, and that time happened to be the summer before college.

I’m just going to focus on the major cities on my blog, but I’m starting with Berlin.

In Germany, ICE trains are high-speed trains that have significantly fewer stops than all the other railroads, and so I booked my trip from Friedrichshafen to Berlin on a Friday morning. I had my school backpack and my traveler’s backpack with me, and I was excited! My uncle lives in Berlin, and I was going to get to see him and all of the wonderful sights of Berlin! I ended up standing on that train for five hours. Long story. ICE trains have reservations, and on that Friday morning, every single seat in this ICE train was reserved. So I stood, along with another guy and a group of guys that didn’t speak German or English (or at last pretended not to) in the aisle between two train compartments. I had my traveler’s backpack on my back and kept a close eye on my school backpack, which was actually heavier, filled with all of my journals and books.

Side note, take a Kindle when you travel. I love the feel of a real book, and the sound of pages turning, but I don’t like or recommend the shoulder pain you get from lugging it around to 7 cities.

The train took five hours to get us to Berlin, and that included a delay of about half an hour because they were working on the railroad track that was reserved for us. However, the landscape was beautiful. Germany, being a smaller country, about the size of Georgia, has utilized all of its free space and built vineyards, cherry plantations, and other farms along the road. Not only can you buy local produce super cheap there, but when you’re standing in a train, listening to Justin Timberlake and Hillsong Young & Free, there’s nothing you’d rather see. Looking out that train window and watching all of the cities and towns pass me by at 200 km/hr made me realize that this was the journey of a lifetime, and I was so blessed to be experiencing it. Everything that hadn’t worked out the way I wanted it to,  the airline forgetting my luggage, the prepaid phone not working, and my not having booked a seat on that train, all kind of fell away. That may sound super nostalgic or paint the situation in a different light, but then I realized that there was no situation. I WAS traveling the world, and while I may not have signed up for standing on a five-hour train ride, I was on my way to Berlin, Germany, and I was going to have a fantastic story to tell when I got there.

Every time the train slowed and came to a stop, the graffiti on the occasional sound block wall increased. I saw hearts combined with couple names, paintings enveloped by violet and periwinkle, and the occasional “Becky” spraypainted with bubble letters and sunset colors.

It was beautiful. I feel most productive in the mornings, so I sat down a few times to read my Bible and memorize a Psalm. Traveling alone isn’t always easy, it isn’t always fun or exciting, but it’s still traveling, and the stories you can tell later on are totally worth it. I arrived in Berlin in the afternoon and stepped out of the train to sounds of motorcycle honking, the smell of Turkish food, and a giant statue of Ritter Sport at the train terminal. I called my uncle and walked outside, hoping to find the bus that would take me to his WG. A WG is an apartment building that students usually rent together. Everyone gets their own room, and so it’s cheaper for most students in college to share a WG than to rent their own apartment. Let me tell you, WG’s are no joke. They hold interviews for new roommates, go through a tough decision-making process, and you sign multiple contracts regarding paying rent for a certain time period and what duties you will have as a member of this WG.

I walked outside and my uncle was directing me via phone to the bus terminal, when all of a sudden he said “Okay, now stop. Just stand there.” I knew something was up, and I turned around. My uncle, who has so many goofy similarities with my dad, stood in front of me! We rode the bus back to his WG and I met some of his roommates, and then I borrowed his girlfriend’s bicycle to ride along the Spree and journal at a coffee shop right by the river.

A recurring theme that stood out to me was that all of the major cities I visited had large waterways that made it successful, because all of the previous trade that had occurred on those waterways. Now, in Berlin, you can sit on the water and picnic, and the occasional packed tourist sightseeing boat will nonchalantly pass by, the tourists all gaping at the buildings and the statues that are scattered across Berlin.

Ben, my uncle, is a super dedicated Human Resource guru, and as such, he notices things that others don’t. Katherine (his girlfriend) and I were given the tourist treatment while I was there for the weekend, and much of that included staring up at buildings.

Let me explain.

Since Berlin was quite possibly in the center of World War Two, many of the buildings were bombed clean. Meaning, one building will be from the early 1900’s, and the apartment standing next to it will have a completely different style with a different balcony, and it is obvious that said building had been bombed, the remains cleared, and a new apartment building been built in the late 1900’s.

All of the buildings in downtown Berlin (which is HUGE) have so much character. You can walk alongside stores and see the history in the walls, or if you look up, every balcony will have flowers of all different shapes and colors protruding from the windowsill.

On my first day in Berlin, the three of us decided to brave the rain (the only time it rained while I was in a major city. Not even London had rain while I was there for FIVE days!) and go up to a rooftop bar that had the best view of Berlin. Seeing as how I look like I’m younger than I really am, and I wasn’t 18 yet, I thought they might check my ID or ask me my age, but no! I got a smile and a stamp that said “drinnen” which means “in”, and was ushered onto the roof of a beautiful mall. The roof was covered in green. There were ferns growing out of bathtubs (we’ll see this again later in Berlin), little flower pots standing in corners, picnic tables right by the edge of the roof and metal statues depicting a rooster and other knick knacks on a pedestal. There was even a ricksha- a bike with seats for two in the back, most often found in Asia. It was also filled with plant life.

Walking into the white party tent, I was surprised! The furniture seemed permanently set up, there was a little restaurant and a bar, along with a DJ playing music at decibel I couldn’t comprehend. We got our drinks, non-alcoholic for me, although it’s legal for 16 and up to drink soft liquor in Germany, and walked back out to the picnic tables. Just as we arrived, the sky cleared and a rainbow made an arc over the tent. We talked and took pictures and goofed off, and then, at like 8 pm, we  headed to dinner.

I’ve never gone to dinner that late, but I thought, hey this is Berlin, so why not!

We ended up sitting in a very small and tight little restaurant called “Knödel”. A Knödel is a European dumpling, and this restaurant specialized solely in dumplings. Every week, their menu switches out the three or four types of dumplings they have and it fills the menu! Berlin is full of little restaurants like that. Each one has something they specialize in and then they make it the best meal you’ve ever had.

Spoiler Alert about Teil Zwei: Berlin Wall, Jewish Holocaust Museum, Lahmacun, Checkpoint Charlie, Flea Markets and the longest building in the world. Complete with abandoned air strips. 


don’t look down

College. What a daunting word. As a freshman in high school I saw it as the end goal of my high school education. I knew that if I did well and made A’s, I would be guaranteed a spot in “college”. As a sophomore, teachers and administrators began stressing diversity, volunteering and finding what we were passionate about so that when college rolled around, we would be ready, know our major (and how the next 20 years of life would go down), and begin growing into mature adults. My junior year was by far the best. I had a tight-knit group of friends that supported me, met me at church every Wednesday night, loved me, encouraged me, and grew alongside me. My classes were hard but memorable. Between longing for AP Lang after Physics in the morning and dreading pop quizzes in AP World History in the afternoons, I found who I really was. I journaled on a weekly basis and was comfortable.

Senior year hit me like a lightning bolt. Touring schools in the summer was the calm before the storm. Decisions were forced on us everywhere. What college. What dorm. Who our roommate would be. What financial aid package would suit me the best. Did I want to be a commuter or an on-campus resident? What would my major be?

In addition, I knew that senior year was valuable and needed to be cherished. My best friends and I planned a senior trip to New York City and pushed thoughts of college aside. For us, college became merely the next step. Another four years in addition to the ones we had just absolved. More new friends, different classes, and late nights. Simply just the obvious choice in preparing for our future.
We never really knew when the future would come. Future is a word that sounds far away, yet wise poets tell us that every next second is the future, and that we should make the most of it.

Graduation came, and we were excited, because we had finally come to terms with our teachers and grades, had forged friendships with our principal and our administrators, and especially our wonderful media specialist, and we thought that summer would bring more time with those we loved.

It was not to be. My family moved to Greenville, South Carolina, from our little sleepy town in Georgia, and I didn’t see my friends until 10 weeks later after a lung infection, painting walls and moving in, and traveling to Europe on my dream trip. I’ll affectionately dub it “Beccy’s Amazing Race”. I missed my friends but I was visiting family, and so I didn’t feel far away from the action at all. When I returned, I realized that college was ACTUALLY a thing, and that I was behind on packing. Extremely behind. Like, no packing lists. And I ALWAYS make a packing list. Even for overnighters. Always.

Now, I’m sitting at my new desk for the next 17 weeks, with my globe to the left and my magnets on the cooling system. My bed is made and so far it seems that I haven’t forgotten anything. Which is also a first. Yes, I know, even with packing lists I always forget something. But what I’m trying to say is, it comes so much faster than you could ever imagine, and yet, I feel like it will never go by. High school was a whirlwind of happiness and friendships. I had the best time ever, and I guess I’ve put college up to the same standard. Can my unlimited meal plan measure up to the salad I always ate at our table with a view in that school cafeteria? Is it really the same, writing in my new Target planner versus the school-issued one that had a dress code section?

College teaches you to be an adult, and yet I still feel like a kid. Getting new stuff, decorating my room, introducing myself all over again. Honestly, I often feel like age is the only thing separating children from teenagers and young adults from (older, not old) adults.
Maturing is a slow process, and it somehow happens while we’re all too busy to notice it.

Adulting is hard. So here’s to living like children: carefree and joyful.  Ben Rector says in his new single, “Like when I close my eyes and don’t even care if anyone sees me dancing” (Brand New). Whether life gives you good lyrics or questionable titles, grab life with both hands. But leave some room under your arm for your Bible. I promise you it’ll get you through every season.

Till next time, ciao ♥

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love and pursuit

This post goes out to all the beautiful ladies that are single and waiting for the man that God has for them. I know what you’re feeling.

Every time I see a couple walk past I’m reminded of what the world says I’m missing out on.

I feel an ache when I read stories of weddings or chance encounters with old friends that turn into love, and I wish that I could experience the same.

And God has said not yet. Someday, but not today.

He’s given us time to grow in Him, and to find our passion and our purpose in life before we are pursued by someone else.

I can’t wait for the day when that special someone walks into my life. I pray that he’ll be mature and right with God, so why shouldn’t I expect the same of myself?

I want a guy to be able to see Christ in me, and I want to be able to see Christ in him.

I can’t set expectations of someone that I’m not willing to meet myself.

I saw this quote recently: “I want to be a blessing to the man I marry. I want him to look at me and say ‘You’re the woman I prayed for'”. I think about how the divorce rate is 50% in America-half of all married couples get divorced during their lifetime.

Girls, we need to see not only ourselves a treasures, but also the men in our lives. They’re all someone’s future husband, and I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to meet the girl that told my husband he was ugly, or not good enough, or “not husband material”.

So I will try to treat boys the way I want my husband to be treated- with kindness and respect, and with an understanding that we’re all just growing, and not every guy you meet is interested in you or is ready for the challenges of a relationship.

It’s hard for me to be friends with guys because I didn’t grow up around a ton of them. I respect them, but I know myself, and my mind often jumps to conclusions when an attractive young man is near. I have to tell myself pointedly that God’s timing is perfect, and that I need to step back and let God take over my thoughts and my emotions.

Girls hear so often that it’s our fault that guys look at us weird, or that we dress provocatively. To that I say, just as we girls are responsible for what we think, guys are responsible for what they think.

Their bodies are made differently, and that’s perfect because God made them in this way, but that doesn’t excuse catcalls or anything of that sort. Girls, we are all made in the image of God, and we should be treated with love and respect. However, it’s important to dress modestly.

If you don’t mind your parents seeing you out in public wearing that, then wear it. If you have to stand in front of the mirror measuring the length of your shorts with your fingertips over and over again to make sure it’s appropriate, go back to your closet and pick something cute to wear that IS modest, without question.

I’ve heard so many guys say that they respect a girl more when she dresses modestly because it shows that she loves her body and doesn’t need to show it off for approval and attention of others. How great is that!

A woman who dresses modestly is rare in today’s society, so let’s stand out and be that small minority that is confident in who we are in Christ and don’t need to show off.

A true gentleman will come your way when God’s timing is perfect, so I urge you to wait patiently for the one that God has for you-he is just as uncertain and confused as you are at this point and time in your life. Find your passion and pursue it. Become independent and lean on God, not on guys. Time will fly and you’ll have found each other before you know it!

There’s another quote that I LOVE: “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says: Oh crap, she’s up!”

We should become women who fear the Lord and who are content in each situation of our current life. Writing this, I know full well how hard this can be on a daily basis. I struggle with staying focused on God, and not pining for the day that I meet my future husband. I’ve spent countless hours pouring my heart out to God on journal pages, I’ve cried and had crushes, and I’ve prayed.  And through it  all, through what seems so insignificant to me now in this moment, I know that God was changing my heart, teaching me to be content in Him, and guiding me in the path that He wants me to follow.

I’m by no means perfect in any way. I forget appointments, I lose valuable things, and I fight with my brothers. But I know that God is perfect and that I am His child, and therefore I’ve received grace on top of grace forever. I mess up all the time, but I want to share what little I know in case I can encourage someone else to pursue a relationship with the most amazing Creator and daddy of all.

We’re going to meet the right one when God’s timing is fulfilled, so until then, there’s no point in sitting still and looking pretty. We have the time and the freedom to travel, to serve, to go out on the mission field and to change our communities.

It’s time to get our hands dirty and to grow as women and as leaders that are fighting for a change.

Change occurs in the quiet places of our heart and in whispered conversations just as much as it occurs on a podium in front of a crowd of thousands.

Most important of all is that we stick together. Girls, we have to stand up for each other, to love when no one else will love, and to care in every season of life.

The guy that God has for you will be able to see your spirit and say, wow, that girl is shining from the inside out with love for other human beings. She’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.



“do what you love and you’ll never have a problem with Mondays.”

When I saw this quote on Pinterest, I thought to myself, why do we have problems with Mondays?

Are we not excited to see the sun rise, to start a new day full of fresh chances and possibilities? While it may seem monotone, Monday is the only day that offers us a do-over from the previous week. It’s our chance to reevaluate our priorities, set goals for the week and adjust our behavior.

During the holidays, we don’t complain when Monday rolls around. I don’t think anyone will care that Christmas is on a Monday next year. Mondays for us mean a new week filled with responsibilities, bills to pay, academic needs, and business meetings to host.

We forget that Mondays are the most special days of all. On Monday, God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1). The fact that we have light and darkness all points back to that first day where God made a choice to breathe existence into the void. How incredibly sad is it that we dread the day of creation the most. We’ve forgotten that the Bible says: “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).

If we have resigned ourselves to see Mondays as useless 24 hour periods, then we’ve made a mistake. Monday is the day when God is holding our hand especially tight and saying ‘walk with me and I will lead you down a beautiful path that brings joy and peace and fulfillment’. Psalm 91 says “He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation” (Psalm 91:15-16).

I memorized Psalm 91 while on a six week trip through Europe this summer. I saw so many beautiful things and experienced moments of elation but also of doubt and anxiety. I flipped open my Bible one day (it may have even been a Monday ;)) and saw the yellow highlighter mark on the title of this Psalm. So I sat on that bus at 8 pm, pulled out a sheet of paper and copied it word for word. I went verse by verse, and before I knew it, not only had I  memorized a whole Psalm but the Lord had also quieted my heart with His promises of protection. The psalmists words aren’t relevant only on weekends, or relevant to people living in prosperous nations. His words are meant to be read and understood in every season of life, meant to be shared amongst every career path, and meant to be treasured in every heart and repeated daily.

Mondays are the day after Sunday, a day that Americans have set apart as a day of church and community, a day that sees shops and stores closing across Europe, a day that God defined as a day of rest (Genesis2:1-3). People say that it’s easy to be a Christian on a Sunday, because there are less distractions and responsibilities. But oh how much greater the responsibility is on a Sunday to spread the Good News and to love on each other with all of the free time that we are given.

If we can be grateful for Sunday and look forward with a smile, then Mondays will turn into another chance to right wrongs, begin a new book, send a letter, and show someone you appreciate them. When happiness comes from a joy rooted deep within our hearts, we’ll never have a problem with Mondays again. All it takes is faith like a mustard seed (Luke 17:6), a little bit of confetti and laughter, and a great big God who is covering you with His hand of protection and guidance.

Until next time, ciao ♥

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