the bio.



pc: damaris riedinger

this space is for all the adventurers, the ones with an eye for the extraordinary, and the old at heart. pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in. 

I like to think of myself as a world traveler first, college student second. Although lately, it seems my roles have reversed.

I geek out over new journals + pens, I have an extreme need to tell others about my day (thanks mom and dad for 18 years of smiles and nods and the occasional “wow”),  and while I love traveling, seeing new places and things, buying all of the magnets and Christmas ornaments that will fit into my luggage and pretending to be all tough and independent, I’m a creature of habit.

I love knowing what exactly is in the fridge, where all of the light switches are when I walk into a room, and I’ve had the same background on my iPhone for two years (the view from the Empire State Building).

And yet, I’m excited about this adventure that God is taking me on. I want to improve my writing so that it becomes easier and easier to share my heart with you, and I’m chasing after God’s heart + the plans He has for me. I want to be an ambassador for Christ, to share His love + His words with the world.

I love a good handwritten letter, and I’ll write you one if you shoot me an email, no questions asked. 

let’s go!



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