God Is (a story of condesa and twins.)

A serene coffee shop in the middle of downtown Atlanta. Perfect weather: sun shining into floor-length windows. Hot Chocolate. The best I’ve ever had. And most importantly, conversations with Dani.

Dani is my sister. Not biologically. Not my long lost twin. This isn’t “The Parent Trap”. But I wish it was.

Dani is my spiritual sister. We both have dark curly hair (although she knows how to tame it much, much better than me), we both love Jesus, and we both find reasons to laugh every day. We both love fresh air, and it feels like we’ve known each other forever. And Dani is the one who came to Condesa Coffee with me the first day of Fall Break. We spent the entire morning laughing, talking, dreaming about our future travels and sharing  pictures of our past travels. She’s from Costa Rica, and I’m from Germany, so we had LOTS to talk about.

I remember that the closer I got to moving into college, the more anxious and apprehensive I became. I missed all of my best friends from high school, and I didn’t know if I would find connections like that again, and so I prayed that God would send me some new Christian friends that would encourage me and that I could be an encouragement to.

I wasn’t expecting this. The first night of college, Dani and Darice (another SUPER encouraging best friend of mine) walked in and introduced themselves. They had both lived on my residence hall last year, and Dani had lived in my current dorm room! We struck up a conversation, and the past 8 weeks have been history!

I’ve been invited to prayer meetings, played a piano in the music hall at 11 pm (shoutout to Darice’s all access music pass), missed the correct exit on the Interstate (a couple of times), and had some amazing conversations about my faith and what it means to be a Christian in the process.

All that to say: don’t be anxious. God is the amazing tech crew working behind the curtain as well as the stage director, drama teacher, and main character all at the same time. We’re all just background characters with a few lines, reflecting the light of HIS glory, and there’s nothing more fulfilling and comforting than knowing that anything we do will make Him shine more and more.
Back to the coffee shop. Dani and I sat there for two hours talking, and any time there’d be a lull in conversation, we’d both open our journal to the next blank space (cue Taylor Swift) and just write. I’ve only known one other person that can wholly and fully devote their attention to what they are doing at the moment (hi Madi:)), and I think that it’s one of the most honorable traits in todays time. Looking across the table, I saw this beautiful girl that has the biggest heart, and all of it is reserved for Jesus! She’s not perfect, and if any of us think we are, then God help us, because we wouldn’t need a Saviour (channeling my inner London tourist) ! There’d be no need for repentance, and what a sad world that would be. One without a personal relationship with Jesus is not a world that I want to live in.

Coffee shop. Focus Beccy. I could have spent all day there. It was amazing. I don’t know if I can describe in words how fall makes me feel. The air just changes. Sitting in that coffee shop with a hot chocolate in my hands, a comfortable silence enveloping me, and the leaves falling right outside the door is magical in a Jesus sense. He creates that magic. I love how the trees change color and then shed their leaves. Fall is such a short season, but such a distinct one, too. In the morning, the air is 46 degrees and extremely cold (for all those people that don’t get up at 7 am…), but it’s crisp and fresh. Fall is definitely my favorite season.

I love what fall means. Yeah, PSL’s are all the rage, but the meaning is deeper. Grabbing coffee (or tea, my very favorite right now) with a friend is a chance to slow down and reflect on the past 10 months. Target has fall essentials on display as soon as you walk in, and it brings a smile to my face seeing recipes for comfort foods being posted on FB and Insta.  Fall is snuggling with your brand new kitty (yes, shoutout to my brand new kitty, Lucy) and watching Star Wars with your brothers until the kitty is fast sleep on your lap and the clock reads 4:45 am. It’s a time where walking outside elicits a quick shiver and then a smile.

Last year around this time, I was patiently, actually, no, not patiently, waiting for my best friend to fly in from Germany. We spent two months loving the cold weather, and those are days I’ll never forget. Fall is just so indescribable, kind of like our God.

I’m grateful to live in a climate where I get to enjoy fall to the fullest extent, and I’m grateful for a God that is with us through all the season where we need to shed old habits an endure the cold for a little bit. The best part is that God doesn’t leave us there without a fall coat. He wraps us in HIS love and whispers promises to us. Fall will end and spring will come, bringing new life with it. (The thing that Georgians call winter is somewhere in between there, too).

So please, PLEASE don’t miss this season! Walk through IKEA and walk out with brand new journals and a new bedspread. Be spontaneous. Take back roads. Strike up conversations with strangers in a coffee shop, find out they are Christians, and admire pictures of their beautiful baby boy. And most importantly, take time to invest in PEOPLE. Not the texting conversations we all have sporadically that come and go with no real goal. The face to face conversations that can only happen in an unfamiliar environment when the day is free for the taking and the hours seem to last forever although you’re having so much fun 🙂

I used to think I needed a boyfriend to go on fun dates like this, but in reality, life is to be lived to the fullest every day, no matter who we surround ourselves with. Plus, seasons like fall teach us all about the beauty of waiting for better things, and that includes waiting for whoever God wants to place in our lives at the right time.

much love♥

James 1: 2-3

“2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”


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