dole out praise

When managers delegate tasks, what is more effective? Yelling and screaming, or praise for past work and tips on how to improve?

The latter has been proven to be more successful in almost every instance. It’s the same way with people in non-work settings.

Small utterances of praise not only brighten our day, they give us something to look back on and note ‘that person was proud of me, so I can do this’.

In the past few days, I’ve heard teachers praise students during conferences with the student, heard leaders praising students, and heard friends praising each other around campus, and it warms my heart.

I’m the student that sits in the front of the class (and sadly still doesn’t know everyone in her English 226 class because of this) and answers all of the questions. About six days ago, I had someone from that very class approach me as I was reading outside, and he told me that I brought up some great points in class, and that what I said was very interesting and pertained to the topic we had discussed the day before.

He left, but I was so excited! Maybe I was finally beginning to fit into college, and people were starting to notice what set everyone else apart in a good way!

His comment has stuck with me this week, and I know that when I doubt my abilities or in the quality of my answers, I know that at one point, I knew what I was doing, and somebody recognized that!

I’ve tried to become more intentional about praising others, letting them know when they did something well or I appreciated their time and effort. It not only brightens their day, but it fills up your love tank a little, too, and that’s the best feeling.

Compliments are meant to be given, not just to be taken, and sharing a smile or a laugh with someone you haven’t met on campus or at work is sure to give you energy for the tasks ahead 🙂


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