Rebecca Braun/ Boone 1-308b

I wrote this post while sitting in a Mexican ice cream store (highly recommended) waiting on my friend to join me for some piña colada goodness, and I just believe the truth of it in every season of life. I had no paper, so I filled both sides of a blank white envelope with orange font. The letter inside was a note from a former Mercer student encouraging me to make the most of my Mercer experience. Now the envelope has writing on the inside and on the outside. It’s just a little aesthetic, no big deal. Enjoy♥

Y’all, I can’t. It’s been an awesome two days, full of seeing old friends and making new memories. I spent time mini-golfing with old AP stat and lunch buddies, and there was nothing mathematical about mini-golf, praise Jesus.

I also walked the length of the Target DVD section reminiscing how my cousin and I did the same thing in Germany, comparing favorite music and movies. It’s incredible how you can miss something so insignificant so much.

I stayed up till 1 am at Buffalo Wild Wings having an honest and real conversation with a great friend.
I though I would never come back to Gainesville, but the truth is, it has my heart. Although I don’t live here anymore, I have so much here that is worth visiting and coming back for. If you have a town where you see old elementary school friends in the Target checkout, or where all of the teachers recognize you at a high school football game, don’t take that for granted. You have a real treasure. Yes, people change and freshmen come into your alma mater that look like fourth graders, but when you don’t need a navigation system and know where the cops stand at the end of every month to pull out speeding cars, don’t give it up.

Go out and live life, but always come back. Travel and explore, see the rest of the world, but appreciate that home town. It may never change, but you don’t really want it to.

My german home town hasn’t changed anything besides the price of an ice cream scoop.
And in life, we need to have constants. I guess that’s the point. It’s only real travel if you have a place to settle and come home to, where someone knows your name and “how much you’ve grown”.



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